Global Field Management

Whether you're based in Boston or Barcelona, looking to do research in Seattle or Singapore... Fieldwork understands the importance of a project’s success anywhere in the world. 

The Fieldwork Network Advantage

Fieldwork Network is your true, one-call link to qualitative and quantitative project management across the globe - a single contact that means time-saving convenience, simplicity, seamless continuity and exceptional value. From screener development until the last respondent is interviewed, Fieldwork is there every step of the way to ensure that a high level of research and data collection are taking place.

Your Success is Our Success

Fieldwork Network offers a full-time, professional staff dedicated solely to fielding and managing multi-city projects, including an international team with extensive experience in overseas markets. Our dedicated team offers experience with various methodologies, audiences, and locales.

Our Collaborative Spirit

Fieldwork Network has built extensive relationships with field partners in every corner of the globe.  These are partners that we have carefully vetted and worked with on numerous occasions.  And we are constantly expanding our network of contacts.  If a vendor doesn’t demonstrate Fieldwork quality data collection and service standards, we keep looking.  In markets where no good options are available, the Fieldwork Anywhere team can step in and set up a research facility in any hotel or public space, and our National Recruiting Center can complete the recruit, so you can be where you need to be without sacrificing quality and comfort.