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Consumer Market Research

The importance of connecting with your current or perspective consumers can’t be overstated. Our expert recruitment team helps brands connect with their ideal audience. This is a snapshot of some of our consumer market research recruitment experience. Don’t see what you need on the list? Don’t worry – we can still help!

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Clothing and Accessories

Fieldwork understands that representation of specific preferences, styles, and behaviors is necessary to ensure your research is enriched with diverse perspectives. From delving into the refined tastes of luxury watch owners, understanding the distinctive choices of avid clothing consumers, to connecting with the world of pet accessory enthusiasts, our team is poised to assist you in reaching your ideal target audience. We maintain a proactive edge by consistently tracking the evolving landscape of where consumers are discussing these topics allowing us to tailor our outreach strategies to align with your recruitment needs.

  • Clothing Consumers
  • Eyeglasses Customers
  • Pet Care Accessory Consumers

Consumer Banking

We excel in finding consumers across various financial and banking services. Our expertise includes but is not limited to current, intending, lapsed, and non-users of specific banking services, financial institutions, credit cards, investments, and other financial products.

  • Banking Consumers
  • Credit Card Consumers
  • Investment Consumer

Food, Beverage, and Consumption Habits

We are experienced in recruiting a range of beverage, food, dining, and shopping consumption habits and brand preferences. Our recruiting process helps ensure participants qualify based on their real-time behaviors. From parents of children with dietary restrictions to individuals who shop at a specific store location, Fieldwork is ready to connect you with your ideal respondent.

  • Adult Beverage Consumers
  • Breakfast Cereal Consumers
  • Vitamin Consumers
  • Grocery Shoppers

Health and Beauty

We specialize in recruiting participants across the vast landscape of health and beauty categories. Whether you’re interested in understanding the preferences of hair care product consumers, health supplement enthusiasts, or makeup aficionados, we have you covered. By connecting you with consumers who engage with these products, we ensure that your qualitative research captures valuable insights into their habits, preferences, and loyalties.

  • Feminine Care Product Consumers
  • Makeup/Cosmetics Consumers
  • Razor Consumers
  • Skin Care Consumers
group of market research participants being led into a focus group

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Whether you’re seeking to explore insights from parents who prioritize eco-friendly products, discerning homeowners with a penchant for smart home technology, individuals adopting healthier alternatives in smoking habits, or understanding the nuanced landscape of voter preferences, Fieldwork is well-equipped to assist! We stay ahead by actively monitoring relevant conversations ensuring that we not only locate the right participants but also understand the pulse of discussions, enabling us to seamlessly integrate into the spaces where these conversations naturally unfold.

  • Parents
  • Smokers
  • Voters
  • Homeowners / Home Improvement Consumers

Technology and Entertainment

Our expertise covers various tech literacy levels and software/hardware usage. Whether you are looking for a tech enthusiast or someone who is a novice, we are ready to connect you with them. We are experienced at recruiting specific service provider users for cable, internet, and wireless to social media gurus, content creators, passionate gamers, and trendsetting millennials navigating the world of endless technology.

  • Specific Operating Device Users (iOS and Android)
  • Online Streaming Consumers
  • Social Media Users


Whether you’re looking for automobile owners, electric vehicle purchasers, or luxury car enthusiasts, we have the expertise to connect you with the right respondents. Our recruiting process ensures that you get insights from individuals who not only own or intend to purchase specific vehicles but also understand their preferences, usage patterns, and brand affiliations. Our diverse reach allows us to find the ideal participants for your transportation-focused research.

  • Vehicle Owners
  • Electric Vehicle Purchasers/Intenders
  • Motorcycle Owners

Travel and Tourism

From airline, cruise, rental car, and hotel preferences to travel destinations to booking platform usage, Fieldwork is well-versed in finding your ideal respondent. Our team’s reach enables us to recruit participants with varying travel preferences and behaviors.

  • High End Travelers
  • Hotel Consumers
  • International Travelers

A really great recruit, brilliant communication throughout, very professional, and everything ran really smoothly on the night. of research I’m hoping that we’ll do some more groups in Chicago soon!

Leigh Taylor, Research by Leigh

Community Involvement

For Fieldwork, recruitment goes beyond dialing. Our local and national teams work to grow our participant pool everyday. From social media to community groups, we meet people where they are to establish, nurture, and grow relationships.

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Maintain accurate, updated information for existing database participants.


Develop new relationships through groups and networks.


Stay informed and up to date with information related to various industries and communication.


Sponsor and participate in events that support both local and national groups.


Partner with social media ambassadors to expand reach and target niches.

The Importance of Accessibility

When attempting to recruit individuals with various accessibility requirements, researchers must ask challenging questions to ensure all parts of their study are accessible. Fieldwork prioritizes adaptable communication, inclusive recruiting strategies, and accessible research venues to effectively reach participants right where they are. Understanding accessibility limitations and collecting associated information not only assists in recruitment, but helps teams accommodate needs during the research.

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