Mock Jury Research

With facilities across the United States and the ability to recruit participants to represent a jury from any location, Fieldwork has everything you need to make your mock jury trial a success.

Our experienced recruiting staff have access to robust participant databases to match the demographics of the jury likely to be present at the location of your official trial.

Spacious conference rooms equipped for mock trial sessions, and attached observation rooms with one way viewing, offer deep insights and feedback to help you better prepare for your trial date.


We know that the details are important. With over 35 years of valuable experience in the research industry, Fieldwork is your partner for jury research success.


With extensive training and an emphasis on accuracy, our expert recruitment team has the skills necessary to recruit participants from the location of your trial, and create a perfectly representative sample of the jury members that may be present on the official trial date.


Any of our premier facilities scattered across the country are guaranteed to meet the needs of your mock jury trial. From the latest technology to comfortable spaces and snacks, Fieldwork will provide everything necessary to get the best results.

Fieldwork Anywhere

Need to be in a small town or other non-Fieldwork location? Fieldwork Anywhere can set up all of the above in any location, anywhere in the country. And our National Recruiting Center specializes in finding respondents in diverse locations.

Interested in working with Fieldwork to fulfill the needs of your mock trial? Click here to learn more about our services, and how we can facilitate a mock trial from any location within the United States.