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Callan Miller

Callan Miller

Senior Project Manager, Network-US

In 2005 Callan joined the Fieldwork team as a client service representative. Since then, Callan has worn many hats, including Facility Director of the Denver office. Being a part of the Fieldwork Denver team Callan has been able to create great client relationships and knowledge for the medical, business and consumer side of research for the Denver market.

As of 2022 Callan has joined the Fieldwork Network team and is looking forward to continuing to build client and facility relationships across the Nation.

Callan’s higher education includes marketing, and she is also a background in emergency medicine. She loves spending quality time with her son Beau, riding bikes, golfing, and hunting…really anything outdoors and you will find them enjoying the beautiful Colorado landscape!

More About Callan:

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Mock trials.

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