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The Right Support

Consumer Experience and User Experience Research

Providing support services for consumer and user experience testing, allowing you to focus on understanding user needs while we handle logistics, ultimately creating exceptional user experiences.

Streamline UX Testing with Fieldwork

Your trusted research partner.

We understand that achieving optimal user experience requires a deep understanding of user behavior, needs, and motivations. However, navigating the logistical challenges of UX testing research can be overwhelming, from participant sourcing to security measures. As experienced researchers and market research vendors, we become your truly helpful partners, anticipating your needs based on our industry experience and expertise.

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Location Flexibility

Unmatched flexibility, allowing you to conduct research at your preferred location – your lab, our cutting-edge facilities, or anywhere in between.


User Screening

Our rigorous verification process prioritizes confidentiality, anonymity, and data integrity, utilizing multi-touch approaches and phone confirmations to ensure reliable participants.


Robust Security Measures

We prioritize stringent management of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and informed consent forms (ICFs), safeguarding sensitive health information and proprietary data with strict adherence to industry standards.


Specialized Testing Expertise

Our extensive participant network includes elusive demographics, providing a diverse and representative sample for your study.

The Process

Supporting Your Important Research

With no detail left behind.

In user testing – every detail matters. From ensuring the right users are secured, to keeping details blinded for security best practices, nothing can be missed. Project success starts in the planning stage, from recruiting specific quotas to preparing an environment to effectively collect research from users.

Our streamlined process ensures efficient execution of your research objectives, providing you with an environment and users to gain valuable insights to enhance the customer and user experiences.


You have a UX/CX research project that could use support (recruitment, venue, project management, or a combination!).


Reach out to Fieldwork with your project details. You can expect a collaborative engagement to determine pricing and feasibility.


When you are ready to confirm your project with Fieldwork, please send final specifications, dates and a schedule to your dedicated project manager.


Throughout recruitment, your single point of contact will deliver daily updates, consumable on the go. Each persona profile is vetted for data quality and goes through our Multi-Touch Process.


Whether we’re hosting you at our venue, setting up at yours, or meeting you somewhere in between, the Fieldwork team handles on-site logistics to ensure your day runs smoothly.

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Additional Support

A Guide to Consumer Experience and User Experience Research

Unlock the key elements that define exceptional user and customer experiences! Explore the transformative potential of collaborating with the right research facilitation, participant recruiter, and focus group/venue partner to maximize the impact of your studies.

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From recruiting to facility and hosting, everything was excellent!

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Let Fieldwork support you in your journey to create user experiences that are seamless, efficient, and intuitive.

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