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Abby Goodell

Abby Goodell

President, Network-International

Currently serving as President of Fieldwork Network International, Abby started her career with Fieldwork while attending college in Denver, working as a Recruiter and then moving to the position of Client Liaison. Upon graduating with a degree in History and a minor in Business Management, Abby moved to Chicago and worked with Fieldwork’s US Network team. When an opportunity arose in Fieldwork’s Westchester office, once again Abby was on the move. There she served as Facility Director before joining the Network International team in the Spring of 2010 as a Senior Project Manager and then Global Field Management Director.

Abby is currently on the Fieldwork Advisory Council and is an active member of ESOMAR.

When Abby is not working, she, her husband Joey and their two daughters enjoy exploring their Brooklyn surroundings and traveling to places near and far.

More About Abby:

What’s your favorite qualitative research methodology?
One of my favorite parts of managing international qualitative research is the variety it brings to the day-to-day management experience. In-home ethnography interviews highlight this aspect more than any other methodology. Executing successful research can look different to someone non-native which is why we pride ourselves on helping with the cultural aspects of traveling abroad for interviews. This could mean taking off your shoes before entering someone’s home in most of Asia, limiting the number of researchers given smaller home sizes throughout Europe or bringing along a translator to interviews in countries where the English spoken may vary significantly from the English spoken in your native country.

We’ve also been known to setup local tourism guides or cultural experiences and provide restaurant recommendations for clients on their non-interviews days to make the most of their trip!

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