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The Right People

Exploratory Period

A specialized service to help clients understand research capabilities with an unknown or rare target population. This unique offering provides an opportunity to identify viable participants and create a path to successful research.

The Process

1. Initial Assessment

We connect with your team to learn the purpose of your research. Whether you’re faced with market uncertainty or roadblocks stemming from previous efforts, we assist in gathering the information needed to make informed decision on your next steps.

2. Fieldwork Deep Dive

The Fieldwork team collaborates with applicable communities, using traditional recruiting techniques along with social listening to develop relationships resulting in open lines of communication with the people you seek.

3. Data-Driven Analysis

Whether you’re looking for informal feedback to guide next steps in your research, or an evidential report to utilize during a regulatory approval process, Fieldwork will provide you with a comprehensive summary of our work, findings, and suggestions.

Goals of the Exploratory Period


Identify and make contact with support groups to create awareness and gauge willingness for partnership.


Develop a social media strategy to engage those participating in conversations related to the research topic.


Understand and identify any barriers to recruitment or participation in the outlined methodology.


Assess whether certain inclusion criteria or quotas are feasible.

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Is the Exploratory Period Right for You?

Types of Audiences and Projects That Would Benefit

  • Early Tech Adopters
  • Rare Patients
  • Niche Audiences
  • Geographically Dispersed Individuals
  • Those with Accessibility Limitations
  • Brand Specific Medication Users
  • Emerging Product and Service Consumers
  • When everyone else told you no.
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