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The Right People

Market Research Recruiting

Get the right participants in the best environments to gain insights that drive the results you need.

Where We Recruit

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And our recruiting experts will get you there.

Our expansive market research recruiting starts with providing ethically recruited participants ready to use their voices to make a difference.

In the end, you’ll have quality participants wherever your research takes you.

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I could actually cry. You and your team have made the impossible happen.

Megan Gianfagna, IX Strategy and Insight

Local US Recruiting

Access local recruiting experts with comprehensive knowledge of their city, neighborhoods, businesses, and all things local

National US Recruiting

Extensive national recruiting network that can access big cities, small towns, and everything in-between

Global Recruiting

Established network of strong local partnerships around the globe

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Share Your Opinion

Get Involved In Research That Matters

Your voice can make an impact. Share your knowledge with industry-leading brands to help improve services and products that positively impact lives.

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How We Recruit

Our Multi-Step Recruitment Strategy

A reliable process for participant selection.

With decades of recruitment experience, we’ve developed our system blending modern technologies with proven tactics for establishing a personal connection between recruiter and respondent.

Authenticity and engagement are key. Obtaining required criteria for each potential respondent can be even more automated, but detecting nuance, building rapport, and preventing fraud takes a human touch.

The Foundation is Built Upon These Critical Steps:

1. Locating the Right Audience

Locating the right audience through creative respondent engagement, sophisticated database technology, strategic networking, and online pre-screening

2. Speaking with Potential Participants

Recruiters speak with potential participants via phone, to ensure they are members of your target audience

3. Sending Timely Reminders

Sending timely reminders and clear instructions, to ensure participants are fully informed and prepared

4. Final Check-In Reminder

A final check-in reminder, to ensure participants arrive on time, prepared and ready to engage in the research process

I really appreciate the super-fast turnaround.

I’ve had great experiences with Fieldwork for groups and I’m so glad to have gotten to work with you on a national recruit now as well.

International Customer Insights Agency

Methodologies We Support


We provide in-person research support for focus groups, IDIs, lab studies, and mock juries.


Our support for ethnographic research includes in-home, in-office, in-situ, and shop along studies.


We support remote research methodologies such as telephone interviews, online interviews, and bulletin boards.

Nationwide US Reach for Your Recruitment Needs

With our dedicated National Recruiting Center (NRC), we connect you with a diverse pool of participants across the country. Benefit from our years of experience in cultivating a thriving participant community that transcends boundaries, ensuring exceptional results for projects with broader geographic scope. Our expertise in organic networking and building strong relationships with healthcare and business professionals, consumers, and patients allows us to go beyond traditional methods, connecting you with the right individuals for your research studies.

Who We Recruit

Your Specialty is Our Priority

Our market research recruiting staff are highly trained specialists who love a challenge. No matter the category of your project, we can secure the right participants.


Customizable solutions that meet your needs and rigorous regulations.


Support designed to help you get insights that impact your bottom line.


Insights into the thoughts, needs, and desires of trustworthy consumers.

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and creative recruiting.

This was not an easy target audience and your team made it happen. I felt informed and at ease during the entire recruitment process.

Insights Client
group of market research participants being led into a focus group

Quality Market Research Recruitment.
Quality Participants.
Quality Results.

That’s what you’ll get when you work with Fieldwork.

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