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We Can’t Wait to Host You

While our industry temporarily paused in-person research, Fieldwork has been safely and successfully hosting in-person research since May 2020 and we remain committed to supporting our clients in their need to obtain insights and behaviors.  We continue to work closely with our contacts in an effort to make sure that both our clients and respondents attending in person research are comfortable, understand what to expect, and what is expected of them throughout the life of the project.  Here are some tips to help make your experience onsite a positive one!

Preparing for Your In-Person Research

Preparing as much as possible well in advance so you can relax when you arrive. Send any of your needs ahead including all food needs, printing needs, anything to make you more comfortable.

Find Your Venue

Tip 1: Schedule Breaks

Pace yourself, we encourage taking a break in between sessions.  Quality research should not be rushed.

Tip 2: Think Comfort

It could be a long day of research – bring your favorite pair of shoes that will help you reach the research end zone.

Tip 3: Fuel for the Day

Keep your energy up with healthy and locally sourced snacks at our facilities!  We’ll have the standards too!

With Fieldwork facilities, you can expect:

Local Recruiting

Local recruiting means local expertise and the ability to network and build database for your unique needs.

Premier Locations

First class office buildings that are convenient for you, your clients and your respondents.

Comfortable Spaces

Wrap-around viewing rooms, spacious lounges, natural light and views are all
Fieldwork signatures.

The Latest Technology

Fieldwork facilities are constantly updating our tech services for ultimate productivity.

Client Support and Critters

Smiling experienced specialists and smiling squeeze toys to greet you and your clients.

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