Human Factors Testing

Fieldwork is committed to connecting our clients with the right users, in the right environment, to conduct quality human factors research.

With facilities dispersed across the United States and the ability to recruit your ideal target audience for human factors usability testing, Fieldwork will handle the project logistics so that you can focus on the research.

Spacious conference rooms equipped for human factors testing, and attached observation rooms with one way viewing, offer deep insights to help you better observe how users react when working with a product or service.


We know that the details are important. With over 35 years of valuable experience in the research industry, Fieldwork is your partner in attaining human factors research insights.


With years of extensive training, our expert recruitment team has the skills necessary to recruit participants that perfectly represent your target consumer audience. The right participants can provide the necessary feedback so that you can enhance the functionality of your product.


Any of our premier facilities scattered across the country are guaranteed to meet the needs of your human factors testing. From the latest technology to comfortable spaces and healthy snacks, Fieldwork will provide everything necessary for you to find what works and identify pain points within your product.

Fieldwork Anywhere

Face-to-face market research can happen anywhere. Want to do a group where there is no facility? We’ll make that happen.

Interested in working with Fieldwork to fulfill the needs of your human factors usability testing? Click here to learn more about our services, and how we can facilitate human factors testing from any location within the United States.