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Michele Manigold

Michele Manigold

Senior Project Manager, Phoenix

Since Michele’s debut at Fieldwork in 1999, she has been on a remarkable journey within the company. Starting as a Recruiter, she swiftly ascended the ranks to become a Client Service Representative. Guided by the invaluable mentorship of the current President and Vice President, Michele gained an intimate understanding of the facility, eventually transitioning into the role of Project Manager in 2008. Enthralled by her current position, she revels in the day-to-day intricacies and challenges it presents.

With an impressive portfolio spanning over 15 years, Michele has overseen a multitude of projects, collaborating with clients across diverse study methodologies and project scales. These experiences have nurtured her exceptional communication skills, honed her problem-solving abilities, and empowered her to anticipate the unique requirements of Fieldwork’s esteemed clients. Michele thrives in the realm of ambiguity, effortlessly navigating the shades of gray that often define complex projects. Her adaptive nature and unwavering commitment to client collaboration ensure the seamless execution of every endeavor.

While Michele’s professional prowess is undeniable, her passions extend far beyond the office walls. Unwinding with a glass of vino and immersing herself in the captivating realms of literature offer solace and inspiration. She is a proud dance mom to her daughter Brinley and a dedicated wife to her husband Pete. They are all native to Phoenix and have made their home in Chandler. Escaping to Southern California for exhilarating summer adventures adds an extra spark of excitement to their lives.

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