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mock jury research set up at a Fieldwork facility
The Right Support

Mock Jury Research

Comprehensive support for impactful mock jury trials, offering flexible venues, expert juror recruitment, cutting-edge technology services, and nationwide coverage.

Mock Jury Research Support

Facilities, recruitment, and project management.

With facilities across the United States and the ability to recruit participants to represent a jury from any location, Fieldwork has everything you need to make your mock jury trial a success.

Spacious conference rooms equipped for mock trial sessions, and attached observation rooms with one way viewing, offer an environment for deep insights to help you better prepare for your trial date.

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Spacious Venues

Our spacious venues offer flexible setups to replicate real-life courtroom conditions such as opening/closing statements, witnesses, experts, and visual presentations. With deliberation and observation rooms, one-way mirrors, waiting areas, and lounges, clients can comfortably observe and refine their arguments while participants enjoy a great experience.


Juror Recruitment & Management

Fieldwork uses a multi-step recruitment process to meticulously screen and target mock jurors. We handle quality control, re-screening, and backup participants, ensuring a smooth process. Our early bird incentives and comprehensive communication guarantee a positive engagement for participants and clients alike.


Technology Experts

Leveraging our technology expertise, we offer comprehensive audio-visual services, state-of-the-art digital recordings, real-time live streaming, and secure platforms for reviewing evidence and gaining valuable insights from mock jurors. By prioritizing seamless operations, we provide a distraction-free and secure experience, free from any data leaks.


Go Anywhere

With Fieldwork Anywhere, we can set up mock jury research in any location, providing the same level of support, including spacious venues, juror recruitment, technology integration, and nationwide participant sourcing. This flexibility provides assurance that you can strategically carry out your research wherever it best serves your case.

Our whole team had such a great experience on Monday!

Everything from your wonderfully helpful & friendly staff to the fantastic food and amenities, ensured that we had a smooth and streamlined day. Thank you again for your invaluable assistance throughout this process.

Penny Warner, Morgan & Morgan

The Process

Supporting Your Important Research

With no detail left behind.

In jury research – every detail matters.

From ensuring the right representative jurors are in the room, to keeping everyone fed and comfortable, nothing can be missed. Project success starts in the planning stage, from recruiting specific quotas to preparing an environment that makes your participants comfortable and eager to participate.


You have a pending case that could benefit from trial research.


Reach out to Fieldwork with your case details. You can expect a collaborative engagement to determine pricing and feasibility.


A Fieldwork project manager who is well versed in mock jury research will provide a proposal including pricing based on experience and research.


When you are ready to confirm your project with Fieldwork, please send final specifications, dates and a schedule to your dedicated project manager.


Throughout the recruitment process you can expect a customized recruiting plan, regular communication and daily updates from Fieldwork on the progress.

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Looking to Join a Mock Trial?

Participate in a Realistic and Impactful Mock Jury Trial

Experience the excitement of a realistic courtroom setting, engage in thoughtful deliberations, and contribute to the development of persuasive legal strategies.

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Fieldwork Anywhere

Mock Juries Wherever You To Be

Need a mock jury where a facility doesn’t exist? Our capabilities don’t end with our research venues, we can bring the Fieldwork experience to the location you need.

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Your facility is one of the best I’ve been to! I hope to be back soon.

Mindy Predovic, Pipeline Research, Inc.
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