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July 9, 2024

Global Focus Group Day

Global Focus Group Day celebrates the multiple roles, services, and insights champions that make qualitative market research possible.

The important insights gleaned from focus groups and other qualitative research methods are foundational for business impact. To honor the hard work – both seen and unseen – the goal of Global Focus Group Day is to bring to light the stories, data, and AHA moments that can only derive from focus groups.

With an emphasis on face-to-face research, join us in shining a light on focus group methodology.

Global Focus Group Day

I’m thrilled when I receive positive feedback from our clients regarding successful in-person research. If there was ever a time to directly explore how your brand is received by your audience, it is now.

Sarah Kotva, Executive VP, Fieldwork
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Why July 9th?

Saul Ben-Zeev was a pioneer in the market research industry. Born on July 9th, he was of the first qualitative research practitioners, sought after by clients for his unique business insights. In the 1960’s, he founded Creative Research Associates which over the years evolved into C+R Research.

In 1980, he and his business partners opened the first office that was solely dedicated to respondent recruitment and hosting of focus groups. At that time, focus groups typically were held in spartan conference rooms equipped with tiny dark viewing rooms with poor sound from a crackly speaker. The creation of comfortable dedicated interviewing and viewing spaces revolutionized the qualitative research practice.

Saul led the charge in opening more and more offices under the Fieldwork name. He loved designing and building spaces. He abhorred cookie-cutter square office spaces and straight hallways.  Instead, he used the potential of the diagonal, the 45-degree line that made spaces and hallways interesting and inviting. In the process he developed a very distinctive style, look and feel for Fieldwork offices that are immediately recognizable in the industry.

Today, his legacy is ensured by the fact that Saul generously shared ownership of and responsibility for the business with a wide group of dedicated professionals who cherish having had the chance to know and work with this inspiring leader.

Saul Ben-Zeev

How We’re Celebrating in 2024

Our industry wouldn’t be what it is today without the trailblazers who shaped the path for focus group research. We honor Saul Ben-Zeev and the other pioneers who dared to innovate, challenge norms, and pave the way for modern qualitative research. From the early days of discovery to today’s sophisticated methodologies, their contributions continue to inspire and guide us.

There’s something special about being in the room where the magic happens. The subtle cues, the unscripted reactions, and the lively energy all contribute to richer insights that can’t be captured any other way. We celebrate the skill and dedication of moderators, researchers, strategists, and other experts who bring focus groups to life through face-to-face interactions.

Change is constant, and the focus group industry has proven time and again its ability to adapt and thrive. From incorporating virtual reality to leveraging AI-assisted transcriptions, qualitative research continues to evolve in exciting ways. We acknowledge the creativity and resilience of industry professionals who embrace innovation to enhance their research processes, ensuring focus groups remain at the cutting edge.

Research is a collaborative endeavor, and the connections we build are at the heart of our success. Today, we celebrate the organizations that foster these relationships – WIRe, ESOMAR, QRCA, and the Insights Association to name a few. They not only bring us together but also inspire us to learn, grow, and support one another. Cheers to the mentors and colleagues who have been instrumental in shaping our careers and strengthening our community.

A truly inclusive approach to research leads to richer, more accurate insights. By embracing diversity in race, gender, disability, neurodiversity, and global representation, we gain a broader perspective on the world. This post celebrates the initiatives and individuals promoting inclusivity in market research, ensuring our insights reflect the full spectrum of human experience. Let’s honor those who champion equity and strive for a more representative future.

As we continue to gather in-person at industry events, I think about the idea generation that happens just in our casual moments together. A lot of value comes from in-person research, including the collaboration behind the mirror. Watching consumers almost always leads to great ideas.

Merrill Dubrow, CEO, M/A/R/C Research