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in-person focus group participants
July 10-14, 2023

Global Focus Group Week

Global Focus Group Week celebrates the multiple roles, services, and insights champions that make qualitative market research possible.

The important insights glean from focus groups and other qualitative research methods are foundational for business impact. To honor the hard work – both seen and unseen – the goal of Global Focus Group Week is to bring to light the stories, insights, and AHA moments that can only derive from focus groups.

With an emphasis on face-to-face research, join us in shining a light on focus group methodology.

I’m thrilled when I receive positive feedback from our clients regarding successful in-person research. If there was ever a time to directly explore how your brand is received by your audience, it is now.

Sarah Kotva, Executive VP, Fieldwork

How To Participate

Participation is simple – follow and use the hashtag #globalfocusgroupweek to join the conversation on social media. Share your inspirations, challenges, triumphs, and goals for qualitative research and focus groups as we look towards a bright future ahead.

We will be on social every day of the week, as we highlight different roles and efforts in the insights industry. We believe in the importance of qualitative research and industry collaboration and are proud to join our insights colleagues to celebrate!


2023’s Schedule of Celebrations

Focus groups shape our world. They influence public policies, business strategies, advertising campaigns, and more. From unveiling consumer behavior insights to driving crucial scientific research breakthroughs, their impact is far-reaching and profound.

JOIN IN: We’ve all experienced those “Aha!” moments. Showcase a qualitative project that you have worked on, which has made a significant impact.

The depth of insights that emerge from the spontaneity of unscripted reactions, body language, and tone of voice are just some of the elements that make in-person research so special. It’s a testament to the craft of research and the skills of moderators, researchers, advertising specialists, strategists, trial consultants, and more.

JOIN IN: We want you to be apart of the fun! Make a LinkedIn post about the power of in-person research. Tag someone in the industry and ask them to share their #facetofacemrx experiences too.

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of the focus group industry. From adopting virtual reality for immersive insights to using AI-assisted transcriptions, the industry is continuously evolving to enhance the quality and effectiveness of research.

JOIN IN: The future is bright for mrx! Share your enthusiasm about what’s to come for the industry on social media.

Connections matter. They foster collaboration, inspire growth, and cultivate a sense of community. We’ll recognize organizations like WIRe, ESOMAR, QRCA, and Insights Association that have championed these connections and partnerships. Let’s pay homage to our mentors and colleagues who have positively influenced our careers and advanced the industry.

JOIN IN: Leave a comment on our daily post tagging a mentor and letting them know how they have positively shaped your career.

We’ll wrap with a spotlight on the importance of inclusivity in market research. A genuinely inclusive research approach captures the richness of diverse perspectives, contributing to a more equitable and representative understanding of our world. We’ll laud initiatives promoting the inclusion of race, gender, disability, neurodiversity, and more global representation.

JOIN IN: Show your support for these initiatives by engaging in the conversation even after our week-long festivities come to an end:

As we continue to gather in-person at industry events, I think about the idea generation that happens just in our casual moments together. A lot of value comes from in-person research, including the collaboration behind the mirror. Watching consumers almost always leads to great ideas.

Merrill Dubrow, CEO, M/A/R/C Research
room being set for a market research focus group

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