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Selena Donlon

Selena Donlon

Senior Project Manager, LA-Orange County

Selena started her Fieldwork career in 1999 in Denver as a hostess and quickly moved to project management under the guidance of Nikki Darré. She moved to the Orange County office in 2008 to be home with her family and also start a family of her own. Selena has had the opportunity to be co-workers with 5 of the current presidents, 1 IT guru, 1 creator of Fieldwork Webwork, and a couple other PM’s scattered across the country. She even has a little experience with the life of crazy multi-city project management from a short time spent at the Network. She thoroughly enjoyed her time in Chicago and learned a lot.

Selena loves to bring the cheerleading team spirit to the office and you can often find her singing in the hallways of Fieldwork Orange County.

More About Selena:

What is a great question to warm up the focus group?
This question just came up in a screener and I love it because everyone has a strong opinion on this and it’s a nice funny ice breaker to get a room talking. The question is, “When you restock toilet paper, is the correct way to make sure the sheet comes down in front (towards you) or in the back (towards the wall)? Why?” Let’s not be silly because the clear answer is sheet comes down in the front toward you.

What’s your favorite backroom snack?
Favorite backroom snack is obviously the peanut M&M but I like to kick it up with mixing in a snack bag of cheez-its. It’s a great combo to get you through that need for something salty and sweet.

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