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Sarah Kotva

Sarah Kotva

Executive VP, Partner, Fieldwork Inc.

Sarah Kotva has been a proud member of the Fieldwork team since 2000. Beginning her career as a Project Manager of Fieldwork Network, Sarah spent 5 years working with clients and learning what it takes to deliver the ultimate client service experience. With over two decades of involvement at Fieldwork, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and a great sense of humor to the table.

She is also a proud champion of the #facetofacemrx movement, dedicated to bringing attention to the magic of face-to-face interviews and having a little fun along the way. With Fieldwork’s state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to customization, Sarah invites you to join the #facetofacemrx movement and discover the magic of face-to-face interviews for yourself.

Whether she’s representing Fieldwork at industry events, working on internal training programs, or advocating for the importance of face-to-face interviews, Sarah loves working on a team and understands the power and importance of collaboration. A Chicago native, she recently relocated to her adopted hometown of Charleston, SC

More About Sarah:

What’s your favorite backroom snack?
You can’t have Focus Groups or be in a Research Facility without M&M’s…and the Fieldwork legend is that our very first Fieldwork President, Alice White, was responsible for this in our industry as she always had a bowl of M&M’s in her living room, just ask her niece Karyn Picchiotti, President of Fieldwork Schaumburg and Fieldwork’s National Recruiting Center to tell you the tale.

If you are traveling to NYC, do yourself a favor and book a facial at Mario Badescu. Located in Midtown and a short walk or Uber from our facility. It is a no-frills salon, but the services are fantastic and the price is right. All those road warriors need to build in more self-care!

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