What you can expect when partnering with Fieldwork

As always, our teams are committed to working with you to customize a solution that fits your research needs and budget. Download our memo to learn more about the steps that Fieldwork is taking to ensure client, respondent and staff safety.

  1. Fieldwork has always been committed to sharing operational best practices. Our project managers have expanded on that commitment by participating in preparedness training to equip them with the knowledge, tools and flexibility to help our clients conduct safe in-person research. As part of this training our team meets regularly to learn from one another’s daily experiences.
  2. Fieldwork will work closely with our client contacts in an effort to make sure that the clients attending are comfortable, understand what to expect, and what is expected of them in order to ensure safe and successful research.
  3. Fieldwork is dedicated to providing thorough guidelines and communication to our participants to instill confidence on what to expect when they arrive so they are prepared to fully engage in the session.
  4. Our facilities are designed to be spacious in size.  We’re working with our clients to understand the goals of their research and collaborate on the ultimate plan. Our facilities will be set up to support social distancing in waiting areas, backrooms and conference rooms. You can see examples HERE. We are have enhanced our already high standards for cleaning and sanitizing and will be adjusting food service protocols on-site to advance standards of safety.
  5. We know the factors surrounding in-person research will continue to evolve.  If you book and in-person study and there is a disruption due to Covid-19 we are eager to help you find a solution. We are in this together, let’s talk.
  6. We have established technologies and creative solutions that allow remote clients to view research with multiple live video streaming options.
  7. Fieldwork Webwork will continue to support your virtual research. We can host live interviews as well as asynchronous engagements. Please let your project manager know if you would like us to include options for in person and virtual on any proposal.