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Consumer Market Research

The importance of connecting with your current or perspective consumers can’t be overstated. Our expert recruitment team helps brands connect with their ideal audience. This is a snapshot of some of our consumer market research recruitment experience. Don’t see what you need on the list? Don’t worry – we can still help!

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  • Automobile Owners
  • Electric Vehicle Purchasers/Intenders
  • Journal with Automobile Owners
  • Luxury Car Owners
  • Motorcycle Owners
  • Vehicle Owners

Clothing and Accessories:

  • Clothing Consumers
  • Eyeglasses Customers
  • Handbag Owners
  • Jewelry Purchasers
  • Luxury Watch Owners
  • Pet Care Accessory Consumers

Consumer Banking:

  • Banking Consumers
  • Consumers of Financial Institutions
  • Credit Card Consumers
  • Investment Consumers
  • Millennials & Finance
  • Online Banking

Food and Beverage:

  • Adult Beverage Consumers
  • Adult Nutritional Drink Consumers
  • Beef Consumers
  • Bottled Water Consumers
  • Breakfast Cereal Consumers
  • Chewing Gum Consumers
  • Coconut Water Consumers
  • Coffee, Yogurt, Bread, & Milkshake Consumers
  • Fast Food & Casual Dining Consumers
  • Food Delivery Consumers
  • Frozen Pizza Consumers
  • Gluten-Free Food Consumers
  • Grocery Shoppers
  • Healthy Eaters
  • Ice Cream Consumers
  • Infant Formula Purchasers
  • Milk/Dairy Consumers
  • Mustard Consumers
  • Online Grocery Shoppers
  • Premium Cheese and Butter Consumers
  • Snacks Consumers
  • Soft Drinks Consumers
  • Soup Consumers
  • Tea Drinkers
  • Vitamin Consumers
  • Whiskey Consumers

Health and Beauty:

  • Baby Wipe Consumers
  • Botox Consumers
  • Facial Tissue Consumers
  • Feminine Care Product Consumers
  • Hair Care Product Consumers
  • Health Supplement Consumers
  • Laundry Detergent Consumers
  • Laxative Consumers
  • Makeup/Cosmetics Consumers
  • Nasal Spray Consumers
  • Oral Care Consumers
  • Perfume/Fragrance Consumers
  • Razor Consumers
  • Skin Care Consumers

Homeowners and Home Products:

  • Appliance Users/Purchasers
  • Gardeners
  • Home Air & Water Filtration Purchasers
  • Home Furnishing/Furniture Shoppers
  • Home Improvement Store Shoppers
  • Home Safety & Security Consumers
  • Homeowners/Home Improvement
  • Lighting Consumers

Technology and Entertainment:

  • Cable Consumers & Connected Homeowners
  • Computer Consumers
  • Digital Camera Owners
  • Gamers
  • Home Audio Equipment Consumers
  • Home Entertainment Consumers
  • Millennials Purchasing Smartphone or Tablet
  • Mobile Phone/Game Consumers
  • Notebook Computer Purchasers
  • Online Shoppers
  • Online Streaming Consumers
  • Smart Home Device Owners
  • Smartphone Owners
  • Social Media Users
  • Speaker Consumers
  • Speaker Consumers
  • Tablet Users
  • Television Programs

Travel and Transportation:

  • High End Travelers
  • Hotel Consumers
  • International Travelers
  • Online Travel Booking Consumers
  • Travelers

Misc. Consumers:

  • Adhesive Consumers
  • American Families
  • Board Game Players
  • Book Consumers
  • Curbside Composters
  • Digital News Consumers
  • Families and General Consumers
  • Female Leisure and Competitive Athletes
  • Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts
  • Pet Owners
  • Piano Owners
  • Shipping Customers
  • Smokers/E-Cigarettes
  • Sporting Goods Consumers
  • Those Concerned about Clean Air
  • Toy Consumers
  • Users of Pest Control Products
  • Voters

A really great recruit, brilliant communication throughout, very professional, and everything ran really smoothly on the night. of research I’m hoping that we’ll do some more groups in Chicago soon!

Leigh Taylor, Research by Leigh

Community Involvement

For Fieldwork, recruitment goes beyond dialing. Our local and national teams work to grow our participant pool everyday. From social media to community groups, we meet people where they are to establish, nurture, and grow relationships.

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Maintain accurate, updated information for existing database participants.


Develop new relationships through groups and networks.


Stay informed and up to date with information related to various industries and communication.


Sponsor and participate in events that support both local and national groups.


Partner with social media ambassadors to expand reach and target niches.

The Importance of Accessibility

Adaptable communication, inclusive recruiting strategies, and accessible research venues are just some strategies the Fieldwork team uses to effectively reach participants right where they are.

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