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The wonders of technology are ever desirable, but can be elusive. No one pursues the tools of research technology quite like Fieldwork. Need to do groups in Smallville, USA? Let our Fieldwork Anywhere team quickly turn any two rooms into a full-service focus group facility, in ANY city — with a life-size virtual mirror, video streaming, digital recording, recruiting, hosting, even snacks and Critters in the viewing area. Or let Fieldwork Webwork create a virtual facility—with webcams for far-flung respondents to take part in online groups, discussion boards/blogs, surveys and more. Our recruiting and dedicated support staff will ensure your project feels like cat’s play. If your research needs are feeling out of reach, let Fieldwork sink our claws in.

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Fieldwork has a unique and admirable culture, built of a community of talented people guided by shared values. We are committed to providing our employees with a supportive and empowering workplace.

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