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Jill Gottesman

Jill Gottesman

Senior Project Manager, Network-International

Jill came to the Fieldwork Network International team in 2015. She has over twenty (20) years of industry experience, the majority of which is in the role of a director of a focus group facility in the metro New York area.

Jill has a wealth of qualitative market research expertise and a vast network of industry professionals. She started her market research journey as a part-time recruiter while in school. Jill wore many hats during her early days of research, all while getting her MBA. Her undergraduate background includes a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Administration, which is where she cultivated her collaborative spirit and service-oriented approach.

Her proudest accomplishment by far is her role as a mother to her son, David, and daughter, Emma. Jill enjoys going to the theater and travelling with her husband. Exploring new places and experiences are areas Jill would like to dedicate more of her free time.

More About Jill:

What’s your favorite qualitative research methodology?
My favorite qualitative research methodology is anything that is in-person! Remote/online research has its purpose and benefits, but nothing can replace the human interaction that a moderator has with participants when they are face-to-face. I truly believe we gain richer, more robust data and better overall research results when research is conducted in-person. Plus, there is the bonus of getting to meet clients when they are in the facility, which helps build even greater relationships.

What is a great question to warm up the focus group?
Warming up a focus group is critical to help develop the dynamics and chattiness of the group. Knowing your audience is essential and the best groups often start with a little humor to lighten and relax the mood, when appropriate. A moderator with the right background can really get the conversation flowing.

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