Online Research Tools with Fieldwork Webwork

With Fieldwork’s Virtual Facility, you can interview respondents face-to-face via webcam. Enhance your face-to-face research with our easy to use online bulletin boards.


Virtual Facility

Fieldwork’s Virtual Facility makes it easy to interview geographically dispersed respondents face-to-face via webcam. Our software is simple to navigate and suitable for up to 10 participants and 50 viewers. What sets us apart from other online companies is Fieldwork's quality support.  Fieldwork Webwork’s tech and hosting staff provide full support to respondents before, during and after your groups.  Moderator training is free, customized and confidential and a Fieldwork host is with you every step of the way.

Features include:

• Integrated Telephone for Clear Audio

• Digital Audio and Video Recording

• Client Viewing With Private Chat

• Polling & Reporting

• Video and Audio Concept Sharing

Expert recruiting through Fieldwork National Recruiting Center

Discussion Bulletin Boards

With our online bulletin board you can conduct a wide variety of research including concept testing, video shop-alongs, group ideation and video diaries. Bulletin boards can also enhance your face-to-face research. It is a great way to get to know respondents before selecting them for more in depth research or to follow up after a group.

Features include:

• Central dashboard controls for moderators, clients and participants

• Fully customizable question types including text based or multi-media

• Participant segmentation tools

• Unlimited content tagging capacity for richer analysis

• One-touch embedding of picture, video or webpage stimuli for moderators and participants

• Advanced discussion analysis tools to speed collection of insights 

E-collage & E-ssignment

Moderators and respondents love this unique service.

• Homework monitoring tool

• Collage tool allowing you to view the creation process

• Instant feedback with the ability to probe and follow up with assignments

Online Surveys and Panel Management

Data collection is easy with Fieldwork online surveys. Fieldwork has been doing quantitative data collection for over 25 years. Our online surveys are great for quantitative and qualitative pre-screening, exit interviews, product evaluations, homework assignments and more.

Webwork can program, host and manage online surveys of any scale. We have access to medical, business and consumer panels inside and outside of the US.



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