The Fieldwork philosophy is to provide our clients with high level experiences and satisfaction using all modern technologies currently accepted in the market research industry. We are constantly focused on catering to clients with the latest technology and increasing our list of capabilities. As a matter of fact, we have geek minded people all over the company sniffing out the clues to anticipate our clients’ needs. Your Project Manager may be geek, or your host; maybe even the President! We even have geek recruiters! THEY COULD BE ANYWHERE!

Before your project begins:

Our infrastructure is built around security and control. We treat all of our project materials and data with the utmost security but if you have additional requirements that need to be met, we are happy to accommodate your needs. For years, Fieldwork has been working with clientele that require such security practices so you don’t have to worry. We’ve done this before.

While your project is in field:

Not only do we know when technology is the answer, we know when it is not. 

So, for example, in our recruiting process, we may use aides to pre-qualify your participants yet kick into old school mode by picking up the phone and building a solid relationship with the respondent. We want you to have engaged participants, ready to give their opinion. We want them to be excited about their task so we try to make them understand they are not keystrokes on a screen – that they represent an important target audience and we care about their participation. In a high paced tech heavy age, we work hard to ensure your participants don’t feel like they are being squeezed through a machine, they are a valuable asset to the research and they are appreciated. 

The main event:

Each facility offers a dedicated, fast and reliable connection as complimentary access to the internet.  Need an extra laptop for your team or maybe for a group of 20? We can accommodate virtually any configuration you need for your research with a little advance notice.

All of our facilities are equipped to serve our clients’ needs in usability testing of software and hardware products. We use the latest in video and computer technology to capture and combine all hand movements, body language, and facial gestures using remotely controlled cameras, digital switches and picture-in-picture video monitors. Most of our facilities are equipped with Morae usability technology enabled for remote viewing as well. A mobile Usability Lab can be produced via MobiLabs.

Video Streaming technology provides the capability to view entire focus group sessions remotely through any online computer. It also allows for concurrent “back room” communication via a chat room where input and feedback features are delivered instantly. All fieldwork facilities and our Anywhere Service offer video streaming through Focus Vision.

At session end:

All of our facilities are equipped to provide digitally recorded files in the most widely accepted formats. Digital video files in AVI (default), MOV, and FLV by request. Audio files are in MP3 (default), WMA, WAV by request. Each of our facilities and our Anywhere Team is equipped to deliver such files over the Internet via an email link from which you may download your records or, CDs or DVDs may be shipped or handed to whomever you designate upon departure.

Fieldwork Transcription Powered by FOCUS FORWARD is our #1 SOURCE for cost effective, professional transcripts. Quick turnaround combined with our exceptional commitment to quality and accuracy assures your clear and accurate information. Once our clients find us, their search for a reliable transcription service is over.

We encourage you to let our transcription service handle all of your transcribing regardless of who fields your work. It is as easy as forwarding your audio files to Files less than 60 minutes in length will get returned in under 24 hours and we’ll return any project any size within 60 hours guaranteed!