Stephen R. Raebel
President, Partner
Amy Gorlewski
Executive VP, Partner
Stephen Turner
Chairman, Partner
Saul Ben-Zeev
Chris de Brauw
Sarah Kotva
Executive VP, Partner President - Network International
Carlos Martinez
Executive VP, Partner, Fieldwork Advisory Council
Nikki Darré
Executive VP, Partner President - Denver
Ryker Lammers
Executive VP, Partner President - Seattle
Brenda Raebel
Molly Turner-Lammers
Advertising Director, Fieldwork Advisory Council
Aryn O’Donnell
Director of Corporate Services
Rachel Hawley
Special Projects Coordinator
Jesse Cox
Accounting Support
Margaret Almeida
Accounting Support
Jeff Starr
IT Manager
Will Shoemaker
Lead IT Technician
Cris Afante
IT Support Technician
Alex Mehring
IT Support Technician
Jim Morrissey
Software Development Lead
Jake Lubben
Software Developer
Anna Brown
Software Development Project Manager
Kelly Dobrowolski
Quality Assurance Specialist
Kevin Ames
IT Systems Engineer
Carl Weatherly
IT Procurement and Provisioning
Chris Zamparelli
Graphic Design