Stephen Turner

Stephen Turner

Chairman, Partner

Stephen is the Chairman of the Board. Earlier he served as President of Fieldwork Inc. and prior to that he served as Executive Vice President of C&R Research for 15 years and as President for an additional 12 years.

Throughout his tenure as a senior officer of C&R Research, Stephen was active in the design and analysis of marketing research, as well as attending to administrative and policy issues. He is well versed in both qualitative (e.g., projective) and quantitative (e.g., multivariate) techniques and has initiated the development of several research approaches that are now integral aspects of a standard research arsenal. He has been cited, for example, as the “father” of occasion based segmentation.

Stephen has conducted research and consulted with top management of companies in North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. He has presented to Fortune 500 boards and business meeting in excess of 1000 attendees. 

Before coming to C&R, Stephen worked at Coca-Cola, Hamm’s Beer, Amoco, and MRCA. His academic credentials include a Master’s degree and doctoral studies in Sociology.