National Recruiting Center

Fieldwork’s National Recruiting Center (NRC) is your trusted research partner for all of your recruiting needs. With expertise in providing respondents for any methodology in healthcare, consumer, business-to-business and technology market research, our dedicated team is fully committed to the success of every study.

Our experienced recruiting professionals take pride in providing the highest quality respondents.  Over the years we have developed special techniques to reach audiences beyond our database. Our relationship with Fieldwork facilities across the country gives us an added advantage in reaching hard to find audiences.  But we don’t stop there. Our ability to network effectively in more remote locations, and to find respondents for more challenging methodologies, is one of our strongest assets. 

Fieldwork’s opt-in database represents over a million nationally disbursed members.  We actively maintain a robust set of information including demographics, household information, occupation, and past participation.  In addition, we are constantly looking for opportunities to build our database.  NRC understands the importance of having fresh, articulate, diverse respondents for your research.  We utilize advertising, a multitude of social networking opportunities, and face-to-face database building at venues such as conventions, fairs and other events that have a large draw. 

In keeping with our commitment to offer recruiting services for all types of clients, NRC has embraced security and data protection standards to meet the demands of the ever-changing research environment. All members of the team have been vetted and designated to work with client-provided sample.  Fieldwork also adheres to the Insights Association MRA Code of Marketing Research Standards.