Jamie Capaldi

Jamie Capaldi

Project Support Specialist, Network-International


Dancing before she could walk, Jamie made a career for herself in the Entertainment industry. Her favorite jobs included: roller skating dance troupe and Standardized Patient (acting sick for medical students). However, one of her proudest accomplishments was learning how to pole dance so she could open up her own studio in Philadelphia. From 2006 to 2011, Jamie owned and operated Poise Dance Studio. Then after 5 successful years, she had the opportunity to move to the San Francisco Bay Area! Jamie promptly passed the studio on to one of her instructors and it is still flourishing as Flaunt Fitness. 

Once in the Bay Area, Jamie was introduced to Fieldwork San Francisco by a friend. She instantly fell in love with the company because of its wonderful employees and family-like culture. Jamie wore many hats at Fieldwork San Francisco; she is an experienced recruiter, host and caterer. Her favorite part of working in the facility was fulfilling client needs. Anything from finding a special adaptor, to 20 specific brands of chicken, to oddly-sized sticky notes, to vegan chocolate cake, she was often proclaimed the client’s hero and one even described her as “magical”. 

Jamie’s experience in the facility, enthusiasm for taking on new and challenging tasks, and penchant for entertaining provided a seamless transition Fieldwork’s Network International team as their Project Support Specialist!