Eddie Acosta

Eddie Acosta

Project Support, Network-Domestic


Eddie started his journey with Fieldwork New York in 2002. While in college he heard from a friend that a Market Research company was looking for recruiters and even though he had no idea what type of recruiter position this was he gave them a call. He was studying to become a Graphic Designer at the time and just thought this opportunity would give him relevant experience in Marketing after learning about it, but little did he know this would be the beginning of a great career path.

He started as a recruiter and quickly moved up through several positions which include Recruiting Supervisor, Phone Room Manager and Assistant Project Manager. Now as a Senior Project Manager, Eddie thrives from delivering great service to all clients and aims for each project he works on to become a success.

Eddie is devoted to providing excellent service and always attests to learning a lot from his previous president and mentor, Tamara Curtis. He joined Fieldwork Network in 2015 and has been thrilled about continuing to deliver first class service.

In his spare time Eddie enjoys spending time with his son Marco and wife Lauren. He is also still in love with design and likes to spend time designing apparel. He is also always in search for a new adventure with his family.

“Achieving Excellence is my personal mantra, though no one is perfect, I strive everyday on improving on what I do so that I can reach a point of Excellence!”