Amy Gorlewski

Amy Gorlewski

Executive VP, Partner

Amy has served as EVP of Fieldwork since 2003. Previously. Amy served in the Accounting and Finance Department of C&R Research where she worked with her current partners.

Amy began her career in Chicago with BDO Seidman, a second tier Accounting Firm. While she loved being a CPA with BDO and had other career plans, her road changed through her respect for the philosophy and family environment at her then client, C&R Research. When she was offered a new job by the people she enjoyed working with as an auditor, Amy decided to make Chicago her permanent home. She now loves living in the city with her husband, John, a Chicago boy through and through. 

Due to the continued flexibility of Fieldwork, Amy has worn many professional hats and has been able to pursue her interest in the operations aspect of the business in addition to her other roles. She has run a facility, written a few screeners, done some dialing and washed the client dishes.

Amy grew up in Maryland and received her degrees in Accounting and Theater from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Co. She graduated magna cum laude and now realizes she wasted her time and should have done more skiing and hiking while she still had the knees for it.