Marketing Research with Fieldwork Anywhere

With our Anywhere tools and team, you can do marketing research in Smallville, USA


Need to do focus groups where there is no facility? Now you can go with confidence with Fieldwork Anywhere. We’ve taken the Fieldwork Facility experience and packed it up to go! Turn just about any space into the perfect environment for your research needs - anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Choose any combination from our options below and let us do the rest.

First-Class Recruiting

Rely on the top quality recruiting at a competitive price you have come to expect from Fieldwork. With the flexibility of recruiting from one of our many established markets, recruiting from our central call center, or pooling our resources to get that impossible recruit; we have what it takes to get it done.

Virtual Mirror

Broadcasting life-sized video in a viewing room nearby, your clients will feel like they’re actually behind the glass.

Tailored Collaboration Packages

Our staff scouts out the ideal location to fit your needs. Anything from a traditional conference room setup in Small Town, U.S.A, to a unique creative space in The Big City. We will bring everything needed for the facility experience, even our famous Fieldwork critters.

Experienced Hosts and Technical support

Your Anywhere specialist goes way beyond just signing in respondents. Our staff is facility and research trained, as well as experts in Audio Video technology. It’s all part of the package.

Digital Video Recording with option to stream

Fieldwork works with industry leading vendors to provide high quality streaming to remote viewers.

Prepaid Incentive Cards

Cash Incentives are yesterday’s hassle. We'll prepare prepaid incentive cards for distribution. These can be handed out at the conclusion of the interview or we can mail them directly to the respondent. Last minute changes? Offer an additional incentive for schedule flexibility or follow up activities and we can make changes to the Visa Cards on the fly.



Meet The Team

Crystal Martinez
Webwork, Anywhere
Kelsey Duca
Senior Project Manager | Anywhere Specialist
Webwork | Anywhere
Nicole Potter
Project Manager
Webwork | Anywhere
Jasmine Olsen
Project Manager | Anywhere Specialist
Webwork | Anywhere